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Never Underestimate The Influence Of 60s Fashion

Why 60s Fashion Had Been So Popular Till Now?

The 60s were an explosive moment, musically, culturally and especially fashion. The mods had entered the scene with their subversive clothes and their blurred hairstyles. Much of the impetus for the radical style of the 60's emanated from Britain, where the designers and boutiques of London's Carnaby Street put a lot of fashion trends.

From this change of climate came changes in the standards of beauty. In the 1950s, fleshy and voluptuous bodies with large breasts were idealized. The women wore rigid and artificial hairstyles, stiff, voluminous skirts, high heels, bolero cardigans and crisp cotton shirts and tops or full floral dresses gathered at the waist to emphasize a physical hourglass. With the arrival of the new decade, new women's fashion models were needed and many of them also came from UK. Like the spirit of the era, they were freer, thinner, hipper and coldly groovy; But they were also Romanic idealizations in their own way.

Until this decade, fashion models, although recognizable in magazines, lived in relative obscurity; Known by their name mainly only to those in the trade or with a specific interest in fashion. Few were family names, but everything that was going to change in the 1960s - the cult of celebrity was on its way.

The style of Jackie Kennedy

Never Underestimate The Influence Of 60s Fashion
Was clean, simple, well equipped, with accessories perfectly adapted. She wore dresses without collar and jackets that buttoned only a big button from above. She was wearing sensitive shoes with low heels (although many women still preferred high heels.) She was the last woman to wear hats, a cap hat, as the fashion required. Jackie O 'put a lot of care into her look and women in the US and abroad copied her style enthusiastically.

Unfortunately, after the assassination of her husband, Jackie was no longer in the public eye. Women had to find a new fashion idol of the 1960s to take inspiration.

Brigitte Bardot

Was this woman. It was Jackie's opposite. Jackie was put together, simple and modest. Brigitte was sticky, cheap, audacious and even stupid. Her 1959 gingham pink wedding dress with white lace trim was so unexpected that gingham and lace quickly became the new trend.

Mary Quant

Was another influence of fashion in the 1960s. His style moved away from 'adult fashion' to 'playful' youth. Her shirt dresses were short, very short, her prints were bold and colorful "mod" prints. His fashion, his personality, set the tone for the rest of the 1960s as "fashion-is-fun".


One can think that the most famous model of all time - certainly from the sixties, Twiggy, aka Leslie Hornby, was only fifteen when she started modeling and sixteen when she was discovered by fashion journalist Deirdre McSharry, Who had spotted a photo of his sporting brand, Hair in a Hairdresser's Window.

Tested as the face of 1966, Twiggy redefined beauty standards and introduced in an age of gamine-like ultra leanness that never completely dissipated; She is always emulated by today's models. Her features were described as androgynous and indeed, she had a childish quality, but still feminine. Featuring an enormous and dreamy "I could swim in them" eyes, delicate features and fine skin, the 5'6 "model was the feminine feel of the 60s and a mod style emblem. world.

Twiggy had its detractors even at the time and the world of fashion was split on his image. His creators of images were blamed by some for initiating the thirst for slimming waif and anorexic behavior in girls.

Twiggy herself said of her fame and status as the first model; "I hated what I looked like. I thought everyone had gone mad.

Jean Shrimpton
Remarkable for being the first supermodel, Jean Shrimpton was in the thick of the seventies. The forerunner of Twiggy, it never reached the same level of international fame, but nevertheless remains an icon in the annals of the history of fashion.

Born in 1942, seven years before Twiggy, Shrimpton was already eighteen years old before appearing on front of Vanity Fair, Harper's and without any doubt Vogue and had worked with many photographers. By comparing a lifetime of models of today's life to the time, Jean Shrimpton pointed out that not only do the 60s models earn much less money, but they had to come to a shoot with their hair And makeup already done.

Shrimpton caused a turmoil in Australia in 1965 when it turned up the Melbourne cup wearing a mini; The first to be seen publicly in this country. The dress was only a few inches above the knee, but the dress codes were rigid at that time and for an event like Cup, women wore hats, gloves and especially dresses under the knee. Not only was Shrimpton's dress too short, she was also sleeveless and she was not wearing a hat! For the matrons of Melbourne, it was a scandalous sight.

At the age of thirty-three, Jean began to feel her days as a finished mannequin and she opened an shop of vintage articles instead. Many media persons have noted that the willowy model, although very successful, has never completely embraced his early career choice.


Penelope Tree was rarely out of work in the sixties, although she is internationally less known than Twiggy or Jean Shrimpton and maybe also, less conventionally pretty.

Born in 1950 to a corporate mother and investor father, the tree was spotted in the street at the age of thirteen by legendary photographer Diane Arbus. His broad, open face, bright eyes and interesting features made him popular with the arty crowd as well as many prominent photographers - including David Bailey, with whom she moved at the age of seventeen . The apartment has become a kind of ultra-hip center for culture and alternative ideas.

Variedly cut like "elf" and "hippie", his was a unique beauty and many of his photographs of the time reveal a girl with Bohemian and experimental personality who is not afraid to go out on a ledge. . fashionable .

Unfortunately for her, at the age of twenty-one, she suffered from a serious skin disease (adult acne) that left her healed and thus brought her career to a sudden stop. As Tree designates it; "I went from being sought to be avoided because no one could bear to talk about my prespective." It is a empty minded industry.

Fashion for the 1960s

Never Underestimate The Influence Of 60s Fashion

It was the idea of ​​a return to youth that drove most of the fashion in the 1960s. Oversized collars, bows and delicate women miniaturized finish and made them look smaller. Shapeless mini dresses de-emphasized a natural woman's.

Kitten heel pumps, Mary Jane strap shoes, and flat sneakers were all childhood favorites returned to the 1960s youth tremor culture. It is no coincidence that a culture focused On young people had much to do with half the US population under the age of 25 and with European countries with such a large youth population. After growing up in the '50s as "small adults" the young ones embraced their fond memories of childhood and fashions. By the beginning of fashion, we hear babies and toddlers. The "baby doll" look has been incorporated into the dress, hair and makeup.

Evening Dresses:

The full skirt, tight bodice, of the 50's dress continued in the early 60's with an at or slightly over the knee hem. The style did not last long before the pencil dress of the 50s loosened and turned into the "change dress" informs in 1963.

Shift dresses were casual clothes for home, shopping, going to the beach. They were not a friendly office. They were too short. 1960s dresses became shorter and shorter. All above the knee was a "mini skirt".

The short dress of a woman was a sign of her confidence (not necessarily that she had big legs). The length of the hem was directly proportional to how women felt about  their own sexual comfort. Short skirts were not meant to attract men for reasons of sexual interest, but were rather a means of attracting attention so that a WOMAN could then decide whether her attention was sought. Sexual power through fashion.

The sweater dress was a Mary Quant invention that captured the young, playful, fashion side of the 1960s. This style immediately made a 20-year-old look 10, a welcome change from 50s mature fashion. Large bows, large round necklaces, pastels and peas were dress details that made women look like little girl dolls. The most innocent the better.

The colors and impressions were initially inspired by pop art and modern art movements. The checkerboard, stripes and peas, colorblock blocks and Campbells soup boxes were all placed on short dresses. Being above the top has never been too much. Eventually, "pop" settled in soft pastels, quilted fabrics and gingham checks for a softer "girly" appeal.

There was also a trend of colored earth tones, especially as the decade moved to the hippie movement. Green moss, earthy chestnuts, yellow mustard, burnt orange were common colors throughout the year.

1960s Tops, Sweaters, CoatsNever Underestimate The Influence Of 60s Fashion

Tops, shirts, blouses and sweaters all took the direction of casual clothes in the 1950s. The main change was that the shirts and sweaters now fit directly onto the body without accent on the bust or waist. Tops could also be worn untucked, panting! They hung over pants and skirts and grew longer than the advanced decade. The necklines have also increased, returning to the modest appearance of the 1930s. Large rolled collars, peterpan round collars (often in contrasting white), large bows, and pointed shirt collars attract attention to a thin neck And short hair. Shop tops and shirts from the 1960s.

Shirts with patterns were in style too. Still bright colors and great prints have made colorful declarations when paired with a matching solid color background. This does not mean that the solid colors were out. Knitted tops and sweaters were most often a single solid sweater or cardigan style. The design of the 60s knits favored texture. Thick and textured cotton knits. The exception was the mod stylist who embraced a very knotty knotting cut on top or long sleeve turtle neck shirt (usually black or white.) Learn more about knitted sweaters from the 1960s and sweaters and sweaters. Cardigans from the 1960s.

For the winter a wool coat was still necessary. The coats tighten and shorten to fit new thinner clothes. Round collars with large buttons, flap pockets, geometric prints and maybe a belt have kept them looking cute and fun. They came down just above the knee so that the long lean legs will continue to be the focal point. Shop the coats and jackets from the 1960s.

1960 Jewelry & Watches

Never Underestimate The Influence Of 60s Fashion
Colorful clothes from the 60's also need colorful jewelry. In the early years, traditional jewelry continued to favor embosed gold, white and colored pearls. These pretty and safe patterns complimented the 1950s-style women's clothing.

New youth with their obsession of fake plastic, vinyl, and bold colors have favored the jewelry inspired by Pop Art. Geometric shapes have made their way onto oversized pendant earrings. Large bracelets or piles of thin bracelets mingled with bare arms. The forms of novelty were still popular too but they adopted brighter colors and more comical themes.

The same is true for flowers, made from plastic resins. They were joyful pastels or primary colors hanging everthing including necklaces,piercings and bracelates

60's make-up

The look of the cemetery was inside. Pale white skin, white lips, dark black eyeliner and dark shadow of smoky eyes. It was a stark contrast to the feminine appearance of clothing until the mid-1960s, when a layer of childlessness was added. The eyes were exaggerated with extra long eyelashes, shadows of bright eyes, arched eyebrows, blush of spots of light and lips turned into a pink baby.
The perticular combination, turning back, was a scene from a horror movie of a boy-meets-ax-killer.

Hot 60's HairstylesNever Underestimate The Influence Of 60s Fashion

The Look of Urchin
When actress Mia Farrow was cut short by Vidal Sassoon during the filming of Romans Polanski's romantic film Rosemary's Baby in 1968, powerful shockwaves resonated between the conscious style. Sassoon received $ 5000 for the job, as well as a plug in the movie. And fortunately for him, hair and film were a success.

Although the hedgehog's gaze was not new, Mia Farrow made it look like this. The new wave ultra cool actress Jean Seberg had already taken the style with great aplomb a decade earlier and had been featured in the 1960s fashion film by Juan Luc Godard, Breathless. Across the Atlantic, shorter hair had generally been popularized in 1966 by British fashion icon Twiggy, though his was more a variation of a bob than a hedgehog cut. Mia however, brought the hedgehog's very short look into the mainstream and was soon featured on the sandy windows of suburban beauty salons around the world.

Unfortunately, the ultra short layer was only for the lucky few, as it is not a style that everyone can carry out - for many, meant too much exposure of less than harmonious features. When it works, though, it is perhaps the most eye-catching of all the styles of the 60's. It looked good on Jean and Mia anyway.

Second Wave Bob

England was the fashionable epicenter of the sixties - the Mod movement had sprung up from there and was home to the Beatles, Stones, The Who, Kinks and many other influential bands.
Not only were British bands taking the world by storm - Carnaby Street was the pulsing pulse of swinging fashions of the sixties and Vidal Sassoon went to hair what British designer Mary Quant went to to wear. In fact, it is difficult to talk about the hair of the sixties without Vidal Sassoon coming into the picture - he was the most influential hairdresser of the decade.
Sassoon reinvented the bob look of the 1920s in 1963, and brought it to new geometric levels in 1966. Together with Mary Quant, the pair helped form many of the iconic stylistic elements of the 1960s.

Sassoon's bobs were cut precisely in the hair, so when the user moved, everything fell nicely in place. They were low maintenance and did not require pins, tweezers, rollers and lotion fittings - it was the beginning of the blowing wave.

Turned around

Gravity challenging up the film was hugely popular in the early to mid sixties. The ends of the hair were curled in jumbo rollers and the top part was mocked to create a kind of hump on the crown. It was a flattering and uplifting style and the hair bounced looking up as you danced.

Older women tended to wear their shorter and bouffier flips, while the younger set was longer and looser. The style was a general winner and used by figures as diverse as Jackie Onassis and a young
Never Underestimate The Influence Of 60s Fashion
Olivia Newton John. Like the hedgehog and even the bob, the pull was a universally flattering style.
Other styles of the sixties, such as the bouffant, the bubble, and the hive were becoming less popular as the decade passed; Certainly for teenagers. For one thing they were just a little too artificial, on top of which, they were very high maintenance. Although the pull required some effort, it might also be used more casually - with movement rather than stiffness.

Although hair extensions were not introduced, wigs and wiglets rose to new heights of popularity; If you had short hair or could not be bothered the style of your movie you could add a pre curled wiglet for bounce and height.

At the end of the decade, the artifice, both in the hair and in the makeup, would lose ground, as the hair began to lengthen and the styles less obviously artificial. Before the 1960s, long hair had not really been seen since the 1920s and still had not come loose.

Long and hot hair

Towards the end of the 1960s there was a move away from structured hairstyles towards a more fluid and natural look. The liberation was the clamor of the age and the call to freedom extended to the hair. He hoped the elegant ones would leave their hair free and let it grow and go wherever and
Never Underestimate The Influence Of 60s Fashion
whenever they wanted. At least it should give that impression, even if it took some serious style and clever cut to make it look like this. Few celebrities personified the sexual and hairy freedom of the 60's more than the French anatomical film star Brigitte Bardot. Bardot's hair, like his person, was wild and free and always looked suspiciously ruined, as if he had been rolling around the bed five minutes earlier in a passionate embrace.

Professional brides like Marianne Faithfull, whispering and girly singer of Mick Jagger and Jane Birken, dusty and gallant of Serge Gainsbourg, provided liberating images for magazines and columns of gossip and were role models for young aspirants seeking glamor and notoriety. After a rocky hellway, Marianne Faithful would later be reborn as a gutsy gravel voice, singer / disco singer and Jane Birkin won the distinction of having a Hermès handbag bearing her name.

In 1968, musical hair opened on Broadway and long hair was officially declared a metaphor for free thinking, establishment following cultures. In a kind of culmination of the cultural trends of the sixties - sex, profanity, nudity, irreverence and drugs were presented on stage. For the conservative forces, it meant that the world was in the pot, but for others, it meant that it was being liberated.

Never Underestimate The Influence Of 60s Fashion
The end of the sixties was exactly the opposite. Bright colors, swirls. Psychedelic, dyeing shirts, long hair and beards were common. The woman wore incredibly short skirts and the men wore robes and cloaks. The foray into fantasy would not have been believed by people just a decade earlier.
It is almost like the 1950s bottled up all over the world until as much as the 1960s exploded like an old pressure cooker. Women showed more skin than ever.

For the first time in the nineteenth century, London, not Paris, was the center of the fashion world. The British invasion did not stop with The Beatles. It spread to all parts of life, especially to clothing.
But in reality, lost in the two extremes is half of the 60s, which I think actually had the coolest, but more subtle style. I love the long, slender shapes, the bright colors and the young London look. I've always wanted the Mod style to stay a little longer.

Never Underestimate The Influence Of 60s Fashion

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Political Blogger Is Predicting Melania Trump Will Lose Her Defamation Lawsuits

A Maryland political blogger predicts Melania Trump will lose his libel suit against him after he accused her of working as a professional escort in the 1990s.
Melania Trump, wife of presidential candidate Donald Trump, filed suit in Montgomery County (Maryland) Circuit Court. It seeks $ 150 million in damages against Webster Tarplay and the Daily Mail, a British tabloid, according to a report by The Legal Forum

Tarplay said on her website that Trump was suffering a mental breakdown because she feared her wealthy escort clients of the 1990s would say something that embarrassed her during her husband's presidential campaign.

Tarplay and the Daily Mail later retracted their stories, but Trump says the damage is done after complaints were repeated by news organizations around the world. His lawyer said the allegations represented false rumors and tremendously damaging.

Tarplay issued a statement saying that Trump was wasting his time if he continued with the lawsuit.
Melania Trump's claim against me has no merit, Tarplay said. Ms. Trump is a public figure who is actively involved in the Trump for President campaign. We are sure that Ms. Trump will not be able to meet your high burden of proving the statements posted about her on my website are defamatory in any way. His demand is a blatant attempt to intimidate not only me, but journalists from all bands to remain silent with regard to public figures. This demand is a direct affront to the principles of the First Amendment and freedom of expression in our democratic society.

The suit seems to depend on the court's interpretation of true malice, which means that journalists knew, or should have known, that something they published was false.

The Royal Standard of Malice began to shield journalists from inaccuracies with the 1964 New York Times Co. Supreme Court case against Sullivan. The ruling was the result of a lawsuit by a Alabama city commissioner who was accused in a newspaper article of racist behavior toward black civil rights activists.

A wholly white jury awarded the city commissioner a $ 500,000 ruling, but the Supreme Court overturned it.

Judge William Brennan wrote to the Court that journalistic errors were inevitable in free debate.

A higher priority is a deep national commitment to the principle that the debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust and openly open, and which may include vehement, caustic, and sometimes unpleasantly sharp attacks on government and public officials, he wrote Brennan.

As a result, the 1st and 14th amendments require proof of actual malice for defamation trials by high profile figures to succeed.

Sullivan's case focused on elected officials, but later Supreme Court cases extended the standard of royal malice to a variety of public figures, which could include Melania Trump.

Things You Most Likely Didn't Know About Melania Trump

Things You Most Likely Didn't Know About Sari Hacks

Understand Sari Hacks Before You Regret.

This article is the best source of information on the issues that women face when wearing a saree because of underwear. What bra to wear with what type of blouse is a very crucial question that every girl wearing this garment will recognize having faced at least once in their life. Even with saree being the traditional garment most popular among Southeast Asian women and being widely used all over the world, there are still many teething problems with wearing it and your partner's saree blouse. Therefore, this article will address some of the major flaws and provide an easy solution to these problems. So, without much ado, let's start.

Starting with the solution to Problem 1 and 2: Yes, ladies love to show off a bit of their gorgeous shoulders and back when using Saree. Even the accompaniment of the lords or the pursuer looking for revelation and sexy without back or deep wet back cleavage of the lady of saree. However, as much as ladies and gentlemen love it, many women have to give up their dream of wearing Saree's blouse with sexy backing done just because of the lack of idea about how to support their girls in the front. And, to be honest, a bra strap looking here and showing bra band, no matter how sexy the clothes may be, does not look good on a lady wearing saree. Well, nothing to worry about. I will list the best options available for wearing backless or deep back collar in your saree blouse design:

How to wear a blouse without back:

Things You Most Likely Didn't Know About Sari Hacks

Cup united in Saree blouse:

The best choice for the backless saree blouse is to have the mugs attacked to the blouse of the saree. Many tailors are pretty good at this. However, the sad news is, the built-in or sewn in bra cup on the blouse is just great news for ladies who are not as heavy as the cups are not so great in providing support, there is no underwire . However, some designer blouses (which tend to be quite expensive) have boning underneath the blouse that provide ample support. Unfortunately, the regular tailor will not be equipped to take up this task of boning under the blouse. Therefore, the stitching of bra in the bra cup in the blouse of Saree is the best choice if you are not heavy weight and is not great news for heavy women.

The Silicon Self Adhesive Bra:

Things You Most Likely Didn't Know About Sari Hacks

This is another great choice of bra for saree blouses without back. These are available in various colors and come in sizes of 4 cups, from A to D. These self adhesive silicone fasteners are easy to use and maintain and can be reused if kept clean. These are great for women with the cup size below D and are not available for the top heavy ladies.

DIY bra for blouse without back:

Things You Most Likely Didn't Know About Sari Hacks
That does not mean that gorgeous ladies with D + cups will not get to enjoy wearing the blouse without saree backing. With a little work and desire to go an extra mile, women with heavy breasts can also wear backless saree blouse by following this simple DIY trick to wear the blouse of saree without back or even any tight upper back Western back.

How DIY bra for blouse without back:

  1. Take a cup that fits well and gives adequate support, best to take a full cup with strong straps;
  2. Two safety pins or thread and needle;
  3. Unlock the back hook and use the fastener to take the measurement.
  4. Bring the two back bands of the bra to front of the body (once you wear it), one end of the band to the left and the other to the right.
  5. Finally, attach each end to the front, passing it under each cup of fastener. Now, secure it to the front with a safety pin if you are really in a hurry to wear a saree blouse without a back or you can make it neat and tidy by sewing. Help someone help you.
  6. Share a great video tutorial on how to wear a backless sare blouse or a heavily backed sari blouse that you can easily do:

How to wear Deep Pleated Neckline in Saree Blouse:

All of the above options for the saree blouses are also applicable to deep plunging cleavage. But there are more options available in terms of bra and another option when it comes to a saree blouse that has a very deep neck design.

Blouse with Wide Neckline:

Things You Most Likely Didn't Know About Sari Hacks

Saree blouses that have a very wide neckline can not be worn with a regular bra with straps. In this case, the best choice with great support is a strapless bra that is specifically made to support. Regular strapless bras tend to slip something down or can not fight against it.

To gravitational attraction that well. However, these quality strapless bras that are catered specifically to be worn as strapless have silicon straps at the rudder up and down strap strap back strap that effectively keeps the bra glued to the skin

Blacks with very dense neckline:

Things You Most Likely Didn't Know About Sari Hacks

However, if the design of the neck of the sari blouse is deeper for even a strapless to handle, there is another option left for my ladies. You can buy one of these bras that are specifically made to be worn with deep necklines or DIY can.

How to make a low back accomodating bra at home wIth only a few things and 10 minutes:

Two required bras. One of the perfect fit and another a decent old-fashioned discarded fastener (must have the same type and size of hook or clasp fastener as the other) as only the clasps or hooks will be needed.About a yard of an inch of elastic thickness. Thread and needle matching. Cut the hooks / brooches with about an inch of band space (enough to sew on an elastic) of the old bra. Now only for the purpose of measuring, use the fastener And attach one The end of the elastic to the hook area with a safety pin and wrap the elastic around your stomach and take the other end of the elastic to the other hook in the back and engage comfortably with a safety pin . If you are satisfied with the elastic length, mark and cut it off. Now take the elastic and sew (securely mind it) at each end by cutting the hooks / clasp (each opposite side of the hook / fastener on the bra.

Now it is worn and adjusted accordingly under your sexy blouse Deep revealing saree of your choice.

Life Hack for Slip Bra Straps

It not only dipping back necks that require special attention.The underwear straps can also slip On both sides and completely ruin the clean and sexy look The straps of the bra under the blouses have an easy solution Just ask the tailor to sew the bra strap of the bra strap placed These are basically two narrow straps of fabric with a hook or a punch (Of course these have to be attached in The bottom of the shoulder strap) and a corresponding hook eye to fasten it with. Most custom made blouses have these strap fasteners by default. However, if they do not, it is relatively easy to do it yourself with a Little fabric, thread and needle and 2 pairs of hook and eyes.

Life crochet Hack for bra underneath Choker Halter Saree Blouse:

Things You Most Likely Didn't Know About Sari Hacks

Ladies look absolutely horny in the halter neck strap vests on the blouse saree. The problem with this type of blouse is that the regular bra can not be worn as the straps show on the shoulders and here the shoulder safety system in Hack does not. 3 above will not work as there is not much space on the shoulders. If all else fails, my dear, you can easily wear your regular bra strap and strap, if necessary, by changing straps or straps with embellished or jeweled straps or bands.

Bra to wear under saree blouses

  1. Stone inlaid strap can be worn with halter necks
  2. Pearls strap line looks great like bra strap below in the backless saree blouse

Things You Most Likely Didn't Know About Sari Hacks

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Hijab, A Girl In Veil: Step-by-Step Guide On Wearing Fashionable Hijab Veils

The veil is a contentious issue that has been the subject of much debate and protest, particularly in the West and parts of the East. Feminists criticize him by claiming that the veil reinforces the subordination of women to men.

Do me a big favor the next time you see a Muslim woman wearing a veil, go ask her if she is forced to wear it or does she do it by choice. It will undoubtedly surprise you that every woman you ask will always tell you that it is because she wants to wear it and not because she is forced on it.

It is extremely difficult to do justice to this without going through a lengthy analysis of when, why and what has been revealed how it is applied by people who profess to be Muslims and the reasons why in the West the wearing of the veil has become As a topical subject. My intention is to try briefly to approach the application of the veil and its principles also address the misconceptions associated with it. I humbly request that you keep an open mind and endure with this long enough article, no doubt we all want to point the finger when things are really wrong around, but people with clear mind always go to all sides to make sure that What they call evil is not based on the distorted or biased viewpoint of another person in the world.

Hijab Fashion Magazine: How To Wear Fashionable Hijab Or Veil

Hijab Fashion Magazine: How To Wear Fashionable Hijab Or Veil

So it is not only the French who are obsessed with fashion by the different styles of scarves. The trend in the styles of Muslima hijab (head scarves) have evolved and disappeared for a long time are the days of women in only black hijabs and abayas. Hijabi women can be seen in maxi flowing dresses, palazzo pants, jeans, long skirts or maxi skirts, traditional abayas and trendy abayas. A woman in hijab can be as fashionable, if not more, than any French style with scarves. Ladies are seen sports hijabs in plain colors in bright, pastel and modest colors as well as fashionable prints.

Hijab scarves come in different materials such as cotton, chiffon, silk, wool, etc. This hub will not comment on the religious aspect of the hijab, rather this post will help any Muslim ladies out there who are wearing or are interested in wearing hijab for Something objective. There are moderate hijab styles that follow the strict ties in relation to the hijab and there are styles that many may consider departing from the original goal and limits of the hijab. Nevertheless, all over the world different types of women are seen wearing hijab in different different styles with a wide assortment of accessories to accessorize their hijabs.

Wearing a hijab should not be seen as hindering a woman's lifestyle. If it is accustomed to a quick life that requires its constant action, the hijab should not be a reason for it to slow down. Hijabs are now worn by students and working women and housewives and businesswomen. Hijabs are now paired with pants and skirts and maxi dresses. There are also different ways to wear head scarves. The most sought after look in the head wear fashion scarf tends to be attracted towards the loosely inflated wrapped look with the use of an accessory called khalijee which basically adds volume to the hijab. Find below pictures of women in trendy hijab styles:

Hijab, A Girl In Veil: Step-by-Step Guide On Wearing Fashionable Hijab Veils
Hijab, A Girl In Veil: Step-by-Step Guide On Wearing Fashionable Hijab Veils
Hijab, A Girl In Veil: Step-by-Step Guide On Wearing Fashionable Hijab Veils

Hijab, Girl In Veil: Step-by-Step Guide To Wear Fashionable Hijab Veils

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Easy And Quick Guide To  Wearing Cotton Head Scarves

Scarves: always in fashion

Quick Headwear Guide, How To Wear Cotton Head Scarves

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Step-By-Step Guide To Do 60s Eye Makeup Quick

How To Do 60s Eye Makeup Quick, Today

The 1960s was a youth-oriented decade – the “baby boomers” were coming of age and defined the decade as their own.

Makeup looks were at both ends of the scale, from the au naturel look of the hippie brigade to the dramatic black and white eyes of mod high-fashion, with pastel colours making their mark on the masses.

Here we look at what influenced makeup style in the 1960s, the popular colours and products, and false lashes.

The youth had a big influence on fashion. Since the 1950s, the young had disposable income to hand and it was spent on looking stylish.

London had led the way with the mod look (“modernist”) since the late fifties, and new stores catering to the fashion tastes of the younger generation popped up all over, notably in Carnaby Street and Kings Road.

The mod look peaked between early 1964 and mid-1967. During this time, youth-orientated television shows, magazines and films united young people all around the world.

The people's love for bold and amazing patterns and black and white spilled over into the white eye shadow and black crease look, as exemplified by 1960s model Twiggy on the cover of many magazines.

Hippie Culture

Later in the 1960s, the hippie counterculture made its mark with a taste for more natural faces and products, though face and body painting, synonymous with the “flower power” movement, was a riot of colour.

The feminist movement re-emerged in the sixties and was primarily focused on equality for all and the end of discrimination. Some feminists viewed makeup as objectifying women as sex objects and so wore very little; others embraced makeup and wore it as a badge of honour (as had their lipstick-wearing suffrage sisters decades before).

Music, Television and Going to the Dance
Music went hand in hand with youth-lead fashion and everything from rock and roll, Motown, pop, mod and psychedelic rock influenced the style and amount of makeup worn by the masses.

Music in the 1960s took on the messages of the youth and the era – it gave the young permission to rebel, express and assert themselves. Dances were incredibly popular, so being fashionable and dressing up to the nines was all part of the scene.

Television had new music shows like Ready Steady Go! (first aired in 1963) and Top Of The Pops (first aired in 1964), where the viewer could see their favourite artists and follow their styles. People wanted to dress like their favourite bands.

Movie Stars

Movies both influenced and embraced the trends of the day. Elizabeth Taylor‘s makeup in Cleopatra (1963) is a good example of  how “current” was mixed with “historic”, creating a trend-setting 1960s Cleopatra! The Cleopatra phase started before the film’s actual release, with companies like Revlon leading the way with Cleopatra-inspired makeup colours and design.

Magazines often featured the glamorous looks of stars like Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn to indie girls Brigitte Bardot and Edie Sedgwick.

The early 1960s saw the continuation of the makeup look of the 1950s - a superior eye line, matte eye shadows (mainly in grays, greens and blues), soft blush and lipstick going From sweet reds to corals and pinks.

Just a few years later, the pale distinctive lid with a dark eye shadow fold came in. It was matched with pale lips. Pastel colors were, and this look became all the rage for young women. Older women would be more likely to stay with the more familiar (and growing) aspect of the early 1960s.

The high fashion couture of the 1960s became all about the eyes - the rest of the face was kept softer and natural, or pale and discreet.

False eyelashes were incredibly popular - the accessory of the decade.

False eyelashes were the fashion accessory of the 1960s (from around 1964) and trendy girls wore them every day. Some even wore two sets.

Lashes (both upper and lower) came on a long strip as you cut to length, or as ready-to-wear sets.

The band that the lower lashes came in could be annoying, so the girls cut them into smaller pieces.

The eyelashes were made from human hair, synthetic fibers and animal hair such as sand, mink and seal.

Eyelashes came mainly in black and brown, but could be decorated with rhinestones and glitter.

Mascara could now be purchased in a tube with a chopstick applicator, having been invented in the 1950s, but solid block products were still used too.

Block mascaras have been activated with water or, more realistic, spit, and mixed with the small brush that came with it. Max Factor block mascara could be built.

There was also cream mascara in a tube that came with a small baguette brush. Some products were waterproof, others were not.

Lash curlers were available, but recalled as "torture instruments which, if not placed quite right, really pinched your lid of the eyes."

Step-By-Step Guide To Do 60s Eye Makeup Quick

Japanese Street Style Fashion Trends And Clothing

A trend in Japanese fashion clothing

Japanese street fashion is usually associated with extreme looks, such as punk styles or Victorian sweetness, doll-like fashion known as Lolita (which has little to do with the western connotation of the name).

But another tendency of fashion, perhaps less known in the West, probably because it is less mad and more subdued, is the trend called Mori Girls (Forest Girls). In addition, another style to take note of is known as Yuru-Nachu (Relaxed Natural), because the Mori Look Girls and Yuru-Nachu look have elements that are similar, such as a fairly neutral color palette, earth And the use of natural materials.

Even though I've just become aware of these trends in fashion, and certainly not an expert, you might say that I became a fan of this kind of style long before I even realized them, as I naturally gravitated towards Similar colors and aesthetics on my own. As I have only recently become aware of these trends, I do not know much and will probably have some things wrong, but as I am falling in love with looks, I will do my best to share what I know about Their subject.

Anne of Green Gables if she'd live in forest

Probably the most equivalent look to the Yuru-Nachu appearance in the United States is the "granola" look, because both rely on nature and natural materials. And some of the girls Mori Look has aspects
Japanese Street Style Fashion Trends And Clothing
of this. But the Mori Girls look is softer and romantic in style, and also tends to attract a little more inspiration from an enchanted, fairy tale forest kind of feel. These styles may also include flowers that is not often associated with granola appearance.

Whenever You Think of women like Anne of Green Gables mixed with a girl from a book of fairy tales for kids like Red Riding Hood who lives in the woods and you capture some of the essence of Mori Girls style.

The clothes for Mori Girls and Yuru-Nachu are usually loose and comfortable (unfortunately sometimes too tilted towards the rough side) and are in mild, natural and earthy shades. And incorporates layering, another common trend in many Japanese fashions.

A hybrid style can be seen is the Mori Gyaru (Gal) look, which could be said to be a most fashionable, fashion-conscious, flirtatious, girly take on Mori Girl look.

Creating the Appearance of Mori Girls

Two brands of clothing that characterize this style include Wonder Rocket (a name that does not evoke images of the type of clothing they offer) and SM2.

Westerners may find it hard to find places to buy some of the brands that are in the mori girl or the yuru-nachu style. But you can draw on those looks that you see mentioned in some of the blogs, websites and online shops dedicated to these styles, to look for similar looks. In fact, the store stores store is very much in line with these two Japanese styles. So keep your eye on the clothes in the color stories of these styles and the sweetness and the romantic part of the story as well. Another benefit of purchasing similar clothing in the West is that you are more likely to get a better fit (ie not too loose and frumpy).

Probably the best place to shop for clothes in the Mori Girls style is from second-hand shops and thrift stores. Many Japanese Mori girls shop at the savings stores themselves. But many stores will have pieces of clothing and accessories that fit into the Mori Girls look, Lace, crochet, natural colors, earth tones, dusty pastels, vintage items, and almost anything with a quaint, old-fashioned appeal are things to look at. Handmade items are part of Mori's lifestyle as well. The online store also has clothing that is in line with the aesthetic Mori Girls. But be sure to check Also I really like the site Yesstyle, which sells clothes from Asia (but note, since clothes are made for Asian women the size tend to work on small or very small size, do not forget To read the actual measurements). Ebay can find some good finds too. Look for Mori Girl and vintage clothing, as the vintage appeal brand É Gunne Sax.

The fashion Mori Girls did not start in the streets of Japan, unlike many other Japanese clothes. It apparently started in cyberspace, as same-minded girls began to gather in an online community of girls with similar interests and tastes. Similarly, Westerners who are interested in this style come together in communities on places like and blog with picture messages on sites like Photos of those dressing in the Mori Girl and the Yuru-Nachu style are becoming more common on Japanese street fashion sites such as So those who are interested in learning more about this style and looking for inspiration for their own wardrobe can quite easily find out more.

Learn more about Mori Girls

Japanese Street Style Fashion Trends And Clothing
One of the best sources for the girl mori look is online. There are online communities like this for Mori Girls at the Live Journal and blogs like and mini blog posts on tumblr Do a search on your favorite search engine for "mori girls" and you'll find much more. Another place to learn more is books and magazines. These can be difficult to find in some countries like the United States. But if you're looking for online stores selling Japanese products, you can sometimes find them out there. Or you can often find them for sale on eBay too.

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